About Us

It was a Sunday at church in 2016, that my husband encouraged me to combine my design experience with the fact that he had given me all girls. So I threw in some of my own desires to promote that raising all girls is actually pretty fantastic and sketched some ideas. Things continued to fall into place and our business was born in April of 2016.
So here we are, the husband and I starting this Girldad® business. It's truly been one of the most fun things we've done! And we are proud of our product {and of having all girls}.
What makes our product better?
In order to protect our idea and brand, we patented Girldad® in April 2016. We've also tried on, wore and washed and reprinted shirts to find the one with a vintage cool that's comfortable to wear and doesn't break down with wear and washing. From design to the delivery, we make sure the product is something you will be happy with.